Snowbird™ Audio


A Programmable DSP Engine


Snowbird A09210B top 425x263

A High-Performance Programmable DSP Engine for Your Product, The Snowbird Audio Module is a self-contained audio processing platform that combines a high performance SHARC processor and carefully selected peripheral components with a custom programming environment
that allows you to quickly and economically design sophisticated audio DSP features to any product. The programmable Snowbird Audio Module delivers outstanding value by letting you easily create, configure and implement digital audio effects ranging from simple tone controls to sophisticated time-based effects processing.

Floating-Point Performance, State-of-the-Art Components and Flexible Connectivity At the heart of the Snowbird Audio Module is a powerful SHARC processor, the pro audio industry standard choice for audio processing. Surrounding the processor are components designed to deliver audio performance up to 192kHz with 108 dBA S/N. The Snowbird Audio Module includes connectors that let you attach a variety of companion boards. Integrate it into your own circuit design, create a stomp box, Eurorack module, or put DSP inside an amplifier, mixer, or keyboard.

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A W web screenAudio Weaver Programming Software

The Snowbird Audio Module is supported by a custom version of DSP Concepts’ Audio Weaver programming software. This is a powerful graphical design package that let you create your own signal processing chain by simply dragging and dropping highly optimized audio processing modules. You can use any of the dozens of pre-built audio functions—EQs, crossovers, mixers
etc.—or enhance and combine them with your own custom processing to create the functions you
need. Once the design is done, the file can be directly save and run standalone on the Snowbird Audio Module.

  • PC Based Development Environment
  • Drag and Drop Signal Processing
  • Over 400 Processing Modules

The Snowbird Audio Module combined with Audio Weaver is a high performance, fast time to market, custom audio platform for your audio projects.


Expanding the Snowbird Audio Module
In addition to the Snowbird Audio Module’s ability to be incorporated directly into your own products, they are also designed to be mated with a line of connector boards that provide specific I/O and control functions. First in this series is the Snowbird Stomp Connector, designed to give you a complete guitar effects system, ready to be put in a box.


Snowbird Stomp Connector Board (P/N A.09231B)                                

The Snowbird Stomp module mates to the Snowbird Audio Module and is designed for guitar level input.


StompSnowbird top 200x250



• 1/4” Phone Jacks with true bypass footswitch                                             
• Indicator LED
• 5 potentiometers
• USB connector for programming
• Powered by a standard 9Volt battery
• 56mm x 84mm, fits in a standard Hammond 1590B box





The Snowbird™ Audio Module Features (P/N A.09230A)


DSP:                                                                                                     Output Level:
   Analog Devices SHARC ADSP-21479                                                Output attenuators - 256 levels in 0.5dB steps
   Clock 245.76 MHz

Codec:                                                                                                      2mm Dual Row Headers
   AKM AK4558 Stereo Codec
   Mulitple Sample Rates Supported from                                             Five DC ADCs for controls
      8 kHz to 192 kHz
   S/N 108 dBA                                                                                      Memory:
                                                                                                                  16Mbit Flash and 2kbit EE with unique MAC ID
Digital Filters:
   Sharp Roll Off; Short Delay, Sharp Roll Off                                     JFET buffers for guitar inputs
   Slow Roll Off; Short Delay, Slow Roll Off


Power Options:                                                                                          USB (control)
   USB Bus Power or
   6 to 12V external, typically 9V battery                                               Size:  43mm x 76.5mm