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The Snowbird™ Flies West!

The Snowbird™ Flies West!

 Ahhh, January! A new year, and it starts off with a bang! Fresh off of our very successful CES, we're about to head out to Disneyland!!...seriously, the NAMM show, where nearly 100,000 people come to check out the latest in instruments and gear for music making, is located right in the heart of Anaheim, CA, right next door to Disneyland! 

The CES/NAMM contrast is interesting – at CES, we showed off our precision dspCrossovers (and more) to a crowd of (mostly) business like "serious" audiophiles interested in top-of-the-line speakers for stereo systems; at NAMM we will be showing our new Snowbird audio effects platform to a (mostly) grungy (in a good way) rock & roll audience looking to create new DSP instruments and effects. Funny thing is that both crowds have much more in common than would appear – they are all passionate about great audio….which happens to fit with us here at Danville really well! 

While Danville has been known for providing primarily mid- and high- end DSP solutions, the new Snowbird Audio Module line represents a bit of a departure for us – powered by new low cost DSPs, we are able to develop a new platform with a cost effective pricing structure that enables a broader range of manufacturers to add high performance DSP functions to a product. In addition to our usual expert designed hardware, the Snowbird platform includes Audio Weaver - software that lets you easily create, configure and implement digital audio effects ranging from simple tone controls to sophisticated time-based effects processing. We believe that the Snowbird Hardware/Software platform is truly unique and will empower a whole new generation of products for the passionate audio crowd – whether they are in to Mahler or Metallica!

If you are at NAMM, stop by – we are in the Lobby Meeting room 154, if you can't make it, check out the Snowbird™ Audio Product Page for more info ...

Introductory Video on Snowbird Audio Module

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Sunday, 25 October 2020

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