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2016 - All things High Performance Audio!

We've got one heck of a 2016 in the works!

Fresh off of a couple of big shows (CES & NAMM), Danville has been working hard to get our new products ready for developers. 2016 looks like it will be the biggest year yet for us!

NAMM was a blast! In addition to the expected star sightings, the number of new electronic products for musicians was amazing – dozens of new pedals, eurorack modules & synthesizers were all over the show. Without a doubt, "DSP" is everywhere in the industry. The Danville meeting room had a constant flow of customers, potential customers and industry folks that were blown away with the new Snowbird Module, our High-Performance Programmable DSP Hardware and Software Platform.

We had a lot of fun doing demos of Snowbird – we featured a cool multi-modulated chorus effect developed with the Audio Weaver™ programming tool, our programming package for the hardware that lets you easily create, configure and implement digital audio effects ranging from simple tone controls to sophisticated time-based effects processing. It was easy to show how the Snowbird Audio Module is for all audio product designers – from experienced digital designers who want a flexible processing solution to die-hard analog experts that need a digital solution. Developers got it - It looks like our message of easily adding DSP to any product is a good one!

Check out our new video here:

Snowbird™ Audio Video

In addition to the Snowbird Module success, one surprise for us was the level of attention in our dspCrossover platform. While we knew there would be some interest (we are already in some cool studio monitors), we were delighted to talk to several new prospects looking for precision signal processing for speakers. If the response we got is any indication, there's going to be a lot of great sounding monitors this year! Check out the dspCrossover and our other hi-performance audio solutions.

Stay tuned for the release of Snowbird and keep an eye out on the Danville site for the new line of dspCrossovers. And just to tease a bit – look for news on our plans for the release of the dspSoM 589 , our most powerful DSP platform to date.

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​Interested in dspCrossovers and all things High Performance Audio?

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High Performance Audio

Learn more about our most powerful DSP Platform

​Click here to learn more about the dspSoM 589:

dspSoM 589

Introductory Video on Snowbird Audio Module

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